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Machinery goes abroad, blow molding machine-professional production of machinery

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-07
In the hot summer, there are high-temperature photos in the circle of friends, and the temperature once passed the 40 mark, which corresponds to the enthusiasm of every Jinyi person. With the advent of the peak season, we dare not slacken our efforts. No, my colleagues have a clear division of labor and are about to embark on the journey of the exhibition. The first stop, familiar Vietnam, is said to be familiar because our company participated in the Vietnam exhibition for the second time this year. The changes in policies and international formats have made the Southeast Asian market full of competitiveness. Our company is committed to serving old customers. The original intention of developing new markets, the exhibition showcased new blow molding machines and other machines, warmly welcome friends from Ho Chi Minh City to come and sit. The second stop, beautiful Jordan. After so many years of hard work, our company has gradually formed a good brand image in Arab countries. This time we are also exhibiting hand in hand with our Jordanian customers. We firmly believe that professional services and high-quality services will definitely leave a good name on the Arab land. . As soon as the Jordan exhibition came to an end, the German drinktec exhibition was on the scene, bringing together professional buyers and manufacturers from all over the world on drinktec. Our company also hopes to promote industry exchanges and better face-to-face communication with customers. We will also show on site Welcome to visit the new bottle blowing machine and other machines! The last stop is the Guangxi ASEAN Expo. This exhibition has always been a bridge between my country and neighboring Asian countries and overseas Chinese. Our company has always maintained this close trade relationship with Asian landlocked countries. At this exhibition, we will deepen our cooperation with them. Jin Yi Machinery will not stop the busy pace, just stop for you.
bottle blowing machine pet bottle machine price, as the name suggests, find extensive use in blwoing machine company institutions. Since plastic bottle machine has become much dependent on technology in today's world, there is wide use of such bottle blowing machine.
Yosion Machinery is committed to supplying the consumer and our customers with the finest, high-quality products and to leading the industry in bottle blowing machine yosion bottle blowing machine.
Yosion Machinery will need to find one that fits our needs and budgets, and still turns out a quality product.
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