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Longnan bottle blowing machine manufacturers offer, which one is better?

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-02
1. Longnan bottle blowing machine Longnan is located in the southern part of Gansu Province, close to Lanzhou. It happens to be located in the Longnan Mountains where the west-west fold belt of the West Qinling Mountains, the Qinba Mountains, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Loess Plateau meet, forming a large number of internal Luhe water, rich in mineral water resources, is especially suitable for human use. Longnan mineral water plants are mostly built near the water source. Due to the large demand for mineral water, automatic blow molding machines are used for blow molding. Longnan blow molding machines use all Automatic blow molding machine, high output, high speed and stable operation of the equipment. 2. Features of Longnan Bottle Blowing Machine 1. Intelligent operation, the whole process of manual operation can be realized only by clicking on the touch screen, simple operation 2. Automatic preform feeding machine, without manual operation, the machine has a high degree of automation 3. Infrared The lamp tube is heated, with strong penetrating power, the preform is heated by rotation, orbital revolution, heating is uniform, fast and reliable;   4. The width and height of the lamp tube and reflector in the heating zone can be adjusted to suit different structures of preforms. Heating, and automatic exhaust temperature device to ensure the constant temperature of the drying tunnel;   5, each mechanical action has a safety self-locking device, when a process fails, the program will automatically switch to a safe state;   6, each action It is driven by a cylinder and does not use an oil pump. It has the advantages of no pollution and low noise;   7. Imported pneumatic components, stable operation of the equipment, high output, and long service life. 3. Longnan bottle blowing machine price Longnan bottle blowing machine is mostly automatic blowing Bottle blowing machines, semi-automatic blow molding machines, and hand-inserted automatic blow molding machines cannot meet the development needs of enterprises. Most of Longnan enterprise mineral water and beverage manufacturers face blow molding machine upgrades, and enterprises are particularly concerned about the price of Longnan blow molding machines. The price of Longnan bottle blowing machine on the market is determined by the number of cavities of the bottle blowing machine. The higher the number of cavities, the higher the output and the higher the price. The price of Longnan bottle blowing machine is as follows: The price of one-out two-automatic bottle-blowing machine is around 120,000, one-out four-automatic bottle-blowing machine costs around 220,000, and the price of one-out six-automatic bottle blowing machine is around 420,000. The price of the eight-out automatic bottle blowing machine is around 680,000, and the price of the one-out nine-automatic bottle blowing machine is around 780,000.   In addition, according to the size of the plastic bottle, the price of the automatic blow molding machine is also different. The price of a small automatic blow molding machine below 200ml is generally about 100,000, and the price of a fully automatic blow molding machine for mineral water bottles and beverage bottles below 0.6L is about 110,000 to 400,000, and the price of a full automatic blow molding machine of about 2L is about 110,000 to 400,000. At around 140,000, the price of a 5L full-automatic blow molding machine is around 160,000, and a 20L full-automatic blow molding machine is around 180,000.   Fourth, Longnan bottle blowing machine manufacturers choose to pay attention to:   1, whether the equipment is stable   The stability of the bottle blowing machine determines the fate of the entire production line. Once the bottle blowing machine fails, the entire line cannot work.  2. Is the price reasonable?    As the saying goes, “one price for one product”, when choosing a blow molding machine, not only the price but also the quality of the equipment is considered. Cheaper prices may not be the best, but reasonable prices are the wise choice.  3. Are there actual customer use cases   When choosing a blow molding machine manufacturer, does the manufacturer have a customer production case? The real production case can reflect the customer's recognition of the equipment and the strength of the manufacturer.  4. Is the after-sales service perfect?   After-sales of the blow molding machine has always been the biggest difficulty for the blow molding machine. Some domestic manufacturers in Huangyan area do not have after-sales service support, and problems cannot be solved in time, which seriously affects production. V. Longnan bottle blowing machine manufacturer recommends:    Jinyi, focusing on pet automatic bottle blowing machine for 15 years, quality and quality are trustworthy, always insisting on the concept of quality is survival and development, and constantly innovating. At present, the automatic bottle blowing machine produced is 1.5L The following are two automatic blow molding machines and four automatic blow molding machines. One out of two, one out of four, one out of six automatic blow molding machines below 100ml, large-capacity 5L one out two one automatic blow molding machine, one out two automatic blow molding machine, 10L-20L one out two full Automatic blow molding machine, complete product line, many types of blow molding machine, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises equipment purchase and upgrade blow molding equipment preferred manufacturers.
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