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Introduction to the precautions for starting and stopping the blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-27
Introduction to the precautions for blowing and stopping of plastic machinery The hollow blow molding machine must be strictly prepared for starting before starting. The main contents are as follows: The first point: the cooling water of the cooling cylinder must be fully opened to avoid screw gnashing; the second point: preheating Hydraulic oil. If the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the blow molding oil tank is too low, the heater should be turned on immediately, and the heater is usually installed on the main engine. The third point: Press the start button to stop immediately. Check that the pump is running in the correct direction. If no correspondence is found, replace the power cables of the two connected motors immediately. Fourth point: The machine should start without pressure in the hydraulic system. When opening, adjust the pressure of the relief system of each pump to a safe pressure. There are often two pressure systems in large blow molding machines, one is the clamping unit and the other is the blow molding unit, and each unit has a pressure exhaust valve. After the pump stops, the pressure reducing valve must be opened, and when the pump is working, the pressure reducing valve must be closed; fifth, adjust the position of all travel switches to make the travel template travel switches unblocked; sixth point: close the entire door. According to safety protection requirements, all safety doors should be closed when the machine is working. For large hollow blow molding machines, when the safety door is opened, the mold clamping movement will stop, and when another safety door is opened, the oil pump will stop. The seventh point: turn on the heating and temperature regulation system; the eighth point: install the mold. When installing the mold, the surface of the mold and the contact surface with the hollow blow molding machine template must be cleaned; shutdown precautions: the first point: when the machine is shut down, each speed returns to zero, and each heating section stops step by step; the second point is: when the machine is shut down Close the mold and blow the needle half a centimeter away from the mold to prevent hard objects from falling into the mold and causing damage to the mold. The third point: mold anti-rust treatment, such as long-term shutdown, it is necessary to clean the water inside the mold to prevent rust and blockage; fourth point: turn off the main power supply, lubricate and maintain the equipment, add lubricating oil, clean the whole machine, close each String water; fifth point: the screw feed port should be covered with fabric or cloth to isolate sundries, air and moisture; click to view the video
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