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Introduction to the characteristic of bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-18
After liquid plastic spray out, use machine to blow out of the wind, blowing plastic body attached to a certain shape of the cavity, which made the product, this machine is called a bottle blowing machine. Bottle blowing machine features: 1. Screw central shaft and cylinder by 38 crmoala chromium, molybdenum, aluminum alloy through nitrogen treatment, high thickness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance and other advantages. 2. Die chrome plated, screw spindle structure smooth discharge more equal, to better complete the blown film. Complex film blowing machine structure makes the output gas more average. Promotion unit adopts the square frame platform structure, promotion framework height is adjustable according to different technical requirements. 3. Peel discharging device adopts rotating equipment and the central rotating equipment, and adopts torque motor to adjust the film smoothness, easy to manipulate. The basic working principle of bottle blowing machines, plastic melt in screw extruder and quantitative extrusion, and then through the mouth of film forming, no wind cooling loop, and then have a tractor traction in a certain speed, winding machine winding roll it.
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