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Introduction and characteristics of blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-25
Blow molding machine is a kind of equipment that uses blow molding process to make plastic particles into hollow containers. The more common models include one-time hollow extrusion blowers using PP and PE, and two-time molding using PET, PC or PP. Injection stretch blow molding machine, as well as the newly developed multi-layer hollow extrusion blow and stretch blow molding. Most of the blow molding machines are still two-step blow molding machines, that is, plastic raw materials must be made into preforms before blowing. Nowadays, the environmentally friendly plastic made of PET is generally used. Blow molding machine: After the liquid plastic is sprayed out, the wind blown by the machine is used to blow the plastic body into a certain shape of the mold cavity to make a product. This kind of machine is called a blow molding machine. It is also a kind of blow molding machine, namely hydraulic blow molding machine. The tubular plastic parison obtained by extrusion or injection molding of the thermoplastic resin is placed in a split mold while it is hot (or heated to a softened state). After the mold is closed, compressed air is injected into the parison to blow the plastic parison It expands and sticks to the inner wall of the mold, and after cooling and demolding, various hollow products are obtained. Plastic hollow containers are widely used in beverage, medicine, cosmetics, food and chemical industries because of their light weight, low price, and high safety. Attracting more manufacturers to choose plastic containers instead of glass containers in the past. Today, the most advanced equipment, molds and raw materials in the plastics industry are all presented in front of us. New technologies and new applications are emerging one after another. Looking at the field of plastic hollow molding is also fruitful.
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