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Installation and debugging work instructions

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-07-28
Purpose: In order to better serve customers, smooth production, and create value for customers The person in charge) declares: Before the installation, commissioning and delivery of the blow molding machine is completed, the equipment is within the scope of work, and the equipment before that is responsible for maintenance until it reaches the delivery standard. The customer's suggestion, maintenance, and transformation shall be carried out after delivery. The customer is responsible for all the consequences, and all matters before delivery are the responsibility of the customer. The customer must assist and obey the instructions and training arrangements of the on-site construction person in charge. If there is any objection, please contact the business. Guidance advice. Installation entry conditions: water, electricity and gas must be in place (according to the subcontracting agreement). If the basic conditions cannot be provided within three days after the engineer enters the site, the person in charge of construction has the right to leave the site. Accommodation and other expenses are the responsibility of the client. Contact the company for other arrangements. Living conditions: Based on the principle of safety, hygiene and health as the basic point, and humaneness as the program, provide basic living standards, keep the equipment installer's private space, and do not accept other cobbled living patterns such as living with the customer's family. Accommodation standard: 200 per day in China, 50 US dollars per day abroad. Living standard The living standard of local engineers shall prevail. Work discipline: The equipment installer is based on the principle of serving customers, and shall not have quarrels, disputes with customers, and communicate with the company in written or written form. Point to the company to communicate with customers to solve. Work progress report: There must be a daily text report on the progress and missing items, and the items that need to be matched, and plan the work arrangements and plans for tomorrow, so as to facilitate communication and master the progress. Technical assistance: In case of technical problems, contact the person in charge of the relevant department. The person in charge of the relevant department is obliged to help the on-site construction personnel to solve technical difficulties and troubleshoot. However, the on-site construction personnel need to maintain a learning attitude, a humble attitude, and self-improvement. They must be able to fully grasp the principle of the blow molding machine to remove the fault. This is an essential quality of the on-site construction personnel, and the rest of the personnel are not obliged to provide free help. For unclarified matters, please notify Zhangjiagang Co., Ltd. July 22, 2017
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