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【Inner Mongolia blow molding machine】Which one is the best manufacturer of blow molding machine in Inner Mongolia?

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-07-05
The bottle blowing machine is mainly used to blow plastic bottles such as water and beverages. Inner Mongolia is located in the interior of the mainland, and water resources are relatively scarce. However, with the development of the water industry in recent years, the demand for bottled water is mainly increased by local spring water, and the demand for bottle blowing machines in Inner Mongolia has increased. How to choose a suitable bottle blowing machine factory. 1. Choose the right bottle blowing machine according to your own situation. Most of the bottled water in Inner Mongolia is mainly mountain spring water, and the output is not particularly large, but the market demand is large. Generally speaking, the amount of mountain spring water is relatively suitable for automatic bottle blowing There are two machines in one output, and the output per hour is 2400 bottles/hour. At the same time, if the quantity is large in the later stage, a four-out blow molding machine can be added.  2, the quality of the bottle blowing machine    There is no local bottle blowing machine manufacturer in Inner Mongolia at present, mainly choose the Henan bottle blowing machine manufacturer relatively close to Inner Mongolia. The quality of the bottle blowing machine is related to the profitability of the entire production line. The quality of the bottle blowing machine is mainly due to the stability of the bottle blowing machine and low rejection rate. At present, most Inner Mongolia water companies use 14-16 grams of preforms to produce bottled water, and the production cost Too high, but the main reason is that manufacturers of low-gram preform blow molding machines cannot blow and produce a high rejection rate. At present, 12.5 grams of preforms in Henan are mainly used. It can be seen that the production cost gap is large. 3. After-sales service of blow molding machine, Inner Mongolia The blow molding machine manufacturers are mainly Jin Yi, and the blow molding machine manufacturers have perfect after-sales service and good reputation among customers. Good after-sales service can win more markets in Inner Mongolia. Summary: Which Inner Mongolia blow molding machine manufacturer is better? How to choose a suitable Inner Mongolia blow molding machine manufacturer. Through the above introduction, I believe that many water company owners in Inner Mongolia have their own knowledge. At the same time, it is recommended to investigate the market reputation of blow molding machine manufacturers, and On-site market investigation, choose a suitable blowing machine manufacturer.  Related recommendation:   Inner Mongolia blow molding machine customer case   How much is a blow molding machine, factory direct quotation   one output two blow molding machine, stable output 2400 bottles/hour
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