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In what areas can be innovative bottle blowing machine agencies?

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-06-13

Bottle blowing machines mold transfer mechanism: the unique bottle preform core shaft transmission mechanism, when heated to ensure mold without the risk of reverse. 2, high-speed operation mode locking mechanism: the circular arc of the independent intellectual property rights of invention patent is clamping structure, special clamping pressurization system, high-speed stable operation without noise. 3, hot filling bottle forming mechanism: blow hot filling bottles, three circular road specially designed distributor to different requirements of water/oil in different parts of the uniform temperature distribution to mould, bottle crystallinity reach the better effect. 4, lightweight energy-saving bottle blowing system: adopting double combined cold and hot air heating with a bottle and driving spindle forced cooling, to achieve better cooling way. In the heating box adopts wind device, overcome the air convection, ensure the bottle of billet heating temperature balance, to prevent overheating bottle preform surface. 5, the energy conservation of the sealing machine blowing combination valve: valve without pipeline connection, compact structure, and debug simple maintenance, high and low air consumption is reasonable, to achieve better control of energy consumption. Reliably manipulator: CAM connecting rod type billet and take a bottle of manipulator, simple and excellent compatibility, low manufacturing cost. Closed-loop temperature control mode; Embryo bottle temperature feedback after temperature compensation; Quickly reaching a bottle embryo heat stable state. 6, clean and safe molding design: equipment adopts fully enclosed structure, ensure the forming environment of clean, put an end to the outside shape bottle pollution, guarantee the medical infusion bottle molding cleanliness. Perfect and reliable safety door system, to ensure that the operator's safety and equipment operation stability for a long time.                                

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