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In the process of bottle blowing machine, bottle blowing common problems

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-01
Bottle blowing machine, bottle blowing common problems in the process of 1, feed themselves feed table: this kind of circumstance is a headache problem, empirically if the bottle preform ( Embryo) The length of the longer cut weight is bigger, then this kind of phenomenon is relatively less. 2, charging not charging: need to check several ways: 1) , whether there had been no material hopper, if is: need to feed; 2) If not, please check whether the elevator control contactor in the state of electricity. If it is to state, hurry up to check if motor in electric and load state, because this kind of situation is likely to be the bottle preform ( Embryo) Stuck belt, then the easiest way is human help improve; 3) , if the elevator control contactor is not to state, please check whether the bottle embryo detect magic eye with reflector plate is not on the same line. 3, the position of the bottle is a task of manipulator is misplaced. 4, after the bottle blowing into cannot be removed from the mold. Should open the mould first, with a manual process, if the normal, with empty running state run it, if is normal. Please check your exhaust time Settings, if the exhaust set to normal, and every time as long as a bottle blowing failure, then can judge is the problem of exhaust valve, please open the exhaust valve check its spring and seal ( This obstacle so still have a kind of phenomenon is the exhaust noise is larger or have not the voice of the net) 。 If you meet a lot of mold production normal chance to check on the open mold, please check the lock pin if there is a section of the screw inside, please check whether the clamping force is too big, if too large should be in accordance with the standards to adjust. 5, two mechanical palm collision, this situation needs to be manually reset manipulator, is caused by misalignment.
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