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In the process of bottle blowing machine, bottle blowing common problems

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-01
Automatic bottle blowing machine often stuck in feed feed table: 1, this situation is very headache, see once the bottle preform on experience ( Embryo) The length of the longer cut weight is bigger, then this kind of phenomenon is relatively less. 2, increasing the material level but not charging: the need to implement several conditions of inspection: also in the hopper of does not exist, without: need to add material as soon as possible; But if not, need inspection elevator control contactor to electric power. Once is to electric power, to check whether the motor is in power and load state, the reason is that this situation has a lot of reasons are after bottle preform ( Embryo) Card in the elevator belt, this time is the easiest way human help improve; When the inspection at the beginning of the elevator control contactor is not in electric power, please check bottle embryo is magic eye and reflection plate is not on the same line. 3, bottles often task of place have occurred dislocation of the manipulator. 4, after blowing into the bottle can no longer die inside out.
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