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How to solve blow molding machine after-sales service under the Internet economy

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-26
With the rapid development of my country’s economy in recent years, the machinery manufacturing industry has also developed by leaps and bounds. Under the development needs of the downstream blow molding industry, my country’s blow molding machine manufacturers have also developed, and a group of technologically advanced domestic blow molding machine manufacturers have been manufactured. The blow molding machine exported is almost the same as that of foreign manufacturers. However, domestic blow molding machines still have a certain distance in brand building, especially in the after-sales service of blow molding machines. Domestic blow molding machine after-sales service problems are consistent in the industry development. In the new economy, technological innovation, and the rapid development of the Internet, how should blow molding machine manufacturers jointly solve the blow molding machine after-sales service problem?   1. Ironing still needs to be hardened, improve its own quality, and fundamentally solve the blow molding machine to reduce the failure rate. Small established blow molding machine manufacturers, especially their own blow molding machine technical capabilities are insufficient, research and development capabilities are limited, the production of blow molding machine equipment, can not guarantee a stable operation, in addition, the blow molding machine manufacturers in the early stages of development, there is not enough funds To improve the after-sales service of the bottle blowing machine, for a bottle blowing machine manufacturer, if it wants to achieve considerable development, it must also be able to continuously improve the after-sales service. For a person who wants to invest in a plastic bottle factory, buying one is cost-effective The blow molding machine with stable quality and timely service is an urgent matter in front of us.  2. Cross-regional resource integration, manufacturers unite and quickly solve the after-sales problem of the bottle blowing machine. With the development of the Internet today, efficient communication can quickly help manufacturers communicate with users. If the blow molding machine user fails, the manufacturer can directly provide online technical guidance through online video, thus solving the phenomenon of one delay, two delays, and no matter how long the time is. However, for large-scale faults, customers still need on-site after-sales service if they cannot be resolved. The fault can be solved early, and the loss is less for the company. Can blow molding machine manufacturers establish a cooperation mechanism to integrate after-sales service resources? Each blow molding machine manufacturer has reached an agreement to arrange the nearest after-sales personnel for the blow molding machine to carry out on-site maintenance , Further solve the problem of after-sales service of bottle blowing machine.  Summary: The after-sales problem of bottle blowing machines has always been a common problem in the development of the industry, and it is also a problem that needs to be solved urgently. Can blow molding machine manufacturers integrate resources, and cross-regional blow molding machine after-sales service still needs a certain amount of time to communicate. There are certain problems. The blow molding machine manufacturers can only improve through their own professional constraints and their own technical capabilities. Slowly solve the after-sales service problem of the bottle blowing machine.
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