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How to maintain the blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-07-29
How to maintain the blow molding machine? Coarse adjustment: Loosen the four front nuts of the tie rod and its pressure plate to move the adjustment plate backward. At this time, the sprocket screw is tightly fixed on the back pressure plate of the adjusting plate adjusting nut without the rear end, thereby eliminating the gap between the sprocket nut and the back pressure plate. At the same time, because the front nut pressing plate of the tie rod is loose, the tie rod moves forward under the driving of the sprocket screw, and there is no reaction force, so the gap between the front nut and the fixed template will increase. When it is determined that all four tie rods are moving forward (the gap between the four front screws and the fixed template will increase), tighten the front nuts evenly and press the front nut pressure plate to complete the rough adjustment of the parallelism between the moving template and the fixed template. Then, after quickly opening and closing the mold several times, when the toggle mechanism is fully extended, measure the distance between the four corners of the movable template and the fixed template, and calculate the parallelism. Fine-tuning: The fine-tuning method is to adjust the position of the front nut according to the distance measured by the four corners of the moving template and the fixed template to improve the parallelism. The process of measurement and adjustment often needs to be repeated many times. During the fine-tuning process, special attention should be paid to the following two points: First, measure the accuracy of the toggle mechanism after straightening during the clamping action. The damage of the mold adjusting mechanism of the blow molding machine mostly occurs when the injection molding machine is locked under high pressure, and the linear state of the toggle mechanism during the clamping action is closest to the locked state. After the mold is closed, under the action of the reaction force of the moving platen moving forward, the mold-adjusting nut is close to the mold-adjusting template, eliminating the gap between the mold-adjusting screw and the mold-adjusting template, as well as the forward gap of each kinematic pair of the toggle mechanism. , is the most suitable benchmark for adjustment.
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