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How to extend semi automatic bottle blowing machine warranty?
You may tell Yosion Machinery staff about your special requirements, and exact solutions to extending the warranty period of blowing machine will be given to you. In addition to standard warranties on the product, we can also offer chargeable extended warranties (also called service contracts) for it to customers. Extending the warranty period of the product means a further length of time. However, these warranty have terms and conditions which may not match the original terms and conditions. We suggest you may contact our staff about the detailed information.

Specializing in the field of pet bottle blow molding machine, Yosion Machinery has gained credibility both at home and abroad for its high-quality products and R&D capability. Yosion Machinery's main products include bottle blowing machine series. The food dehydrated by this product contains as much nutrition as it is before dehydration. The overall temperature is appropriate for most food especially for food that contains heat-sensitive nutrients. With a highly efficient exhaust system, the product can reduce the injection pressure, therefore ensuring safe operation. This product is soft yet strong and durable. It holds up well under the high heat of dryers or under a clothes iron. When the temperature inside the preform does not reach the set blowing temperature, the detection system will alarm and make the machine stop.

We support green production to gear to sustainable development. We have adopted approaches for waste disposal and discharge that will not pose a negative impact on the environment.
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