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How to choose the right blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-21
Nowadays, there are quite a lot of domestic manufacturers of blow molding machines. The blow molding machines of blow molding machine manufacturers have suitable prices, good brands and strong economic benefits. They have the ability to design and produce independently, and can customize the required models according to customer requirements. , and is equipped with a good after-sales service system to provide customers with intimate technical support. is your ideal choice. If you want to make money through a blow molding machine, you must first know how to choose a blow molding machine? 1. Yield: According to the requirements of its own production output, choose a machine with parameters such as one out of two and one out of four, and buy it according to the manufacturer's parameters. 2. Whether it is hot-filled: For hot-filled beverages, the blow molding machine needs a heat-resistant blow molding machine, which has special treatment for the bottle to prevent deformation during the filling process. 3. Price: The price is important, but I firmly believe that one penny is worth the price, and the high-end blow molding machine is worth the money. 5. Air source: the blow molding machine needs to be used with air source, because it is full of pneumatic devices. Air compressor and blow molding machine, the combination of the two is very important, and they must satisfy each other, so as to avoid insufficient air pressure, or excessive waste of resources, it will not achieve the purpose of maximizing energy efficiency and saving costs. So this is also important.
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