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How to choose a suitable bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-05-16
Bottle blowing machines require air use collocation, because it is a pneumatic device. Air compressor and bottle blowing machine, it is very important both collocation, to meet each other, so air pressure is insufficient, or excessive waste of resources are short of energy efficiency is russsian, the purpose of cost savings. So this is also important. Bottle blowing machine control system has active function of people with disabilities; When error or abnormal, the computer will appear and alert. 5, automatic bottle blowing machines mold fast and convenient to replace, in the corresponding model of the machine around do not need to adjust the thickness of the molar. 6, almost all automatic bottle blowing machine production process automation, can form a complete set of the combined machine at the same time to the full automatic production line.
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