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How to adjust the temperature of the automatic blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-23
When the automatic bottle blowing machine is processing, it is necessary to pay attention to some temperature control to ensure the production of suitable plastic bottles. 1. Melting temperature TM: For crystalline polymers, it refers to the temperature at which the three-dimensional long-range ordered state of the macromolecular chain structure transforms into a disordered viscous-fluid state, also known as the melting point. is the lower limit of the molding processing temperature of the crystalline polymer. 2. Glass transition temperature TG: refers to the transition temperature of amorphous polymers (including non-crystalline parts in crystalline polymers) from glassy state to high elastic state or from the latter to the former. It is a very low temperature for the free movement of the macromolecular segments of the amorphous polymer, and it is also the upper limit of the working temperature of the product. 3. No flow temperature: a very high temperature that does not flow under a certain pressure. The automatic bottle blowing machine is to add a certain amount of plastic into the barrel at the upper end of the capillary rheometer die, heat it to a certain temperature, and keep the constant temperature for 10 minutes, then apply a constant pressure of 50MPA. If the material does not flow out of the die, unload it. After pressing, raise the temperature of the material by 10 degrees, keep it for 10 minutes, and then apply a constant pressure of the same size. This continues until the melt flows out of the die. Deduction of 10 degrees from this temperature is the no-flow temperature of the material. 4. Flow temperature TF: refers to the temperature at which the amorphous polymer changes from a high elastic state to a viscous flow state. It is the lower limit of the processing temperature of amorphous plastics. 5. Decomposition temperature TD: It means that when the temperature of the polymer in the viscous flow state is further increased, the degradation of the molecular chain will be intensified, and the temperature when the polymer molecular chain is significantly degraded is the decomposition temperature. The above five points are our summary of how to pay attention to the temperature of the hollow blow molding machine in production, but in general, it is not just these five points, which requires us to constantly sum up experience in our daily work, in order to find its problems. .
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