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How to adjust the PET automatic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-05-21
Bottle blowing machine speed every time to watch the bottle quality, regulate the temperature of a light box at any time. Every change 0 bottle blowing cycle. 1 s, bottle output per hour of the corresponding change of about 50, fully automatic bottle blowing machine according to the velocity of the filling machine for bottle blowing reasonable adjustment. What are the bottle blowing machine hydraulic system failure? How to eliminate? Bottle blowing machine, hydraulic equipment, vibration and noise produced from two aspects: mechanical transmission components and hydraulic system itself. The main root is hydraulic pump and system parameters does not match. Although hydraulic actuators also noise, but it's work time is always shorter than hydraulic pump, the severity and is much less than the hydraulic pump. To noise ratio of all kinds of control valve to produce hydraulic pump is also lower. If there is a resonance, tend to be caused by system parameters matching is not reasonable.
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