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How much do you know about linear guides for blow molding machines

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-25
When the die plate of the blow molding machine moves, the steel balls circulate in the grooves of the bracket, distributing the wear of the bracket to each steel ball, thus extending the service life of the linear guide. In order to eliminate the gap between the bracket and the rail, the preload can improve the stability of the rail system. Preload is obtained by installing oversized steel balls between the rail and the bracket. The diameter tolerance of the steel balls is 20 microns, and the steel balls are screened and classified in increments of 0.5 microns and installed on the guide rails respectively. The preload depends on the force acting on the steel ball. If the force acting on the steel ball is too large and the preloading time is too long, the movement resistance of the bracket will increase, and a balance problem will occur. In order to improve the sensitivity of the system and reduce the motion resistance, it is necessary to reduce the preload accordingly, and in order to improve the motion accuracy and accuracy maintenance, a sufficient negative preload is required, which are two contradictory aspects.
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