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How does the bottle blowing machine develop towards the direction of intelligence and data? Blowing machine-professional production of machinery

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-30
As the demand for the international plastic bottle market has been declining, the bottle blowing machine industry has also emerged. In recent years, the use of blow molding machines in beverage, medicine, cosmetics, food, chemical and other fields has become more and more widespread. At present, most domestic blow molding machine companies are small and medium-sized enterprises, lacking technical strength and self-development ability, it is difficult to achieve technology-intensive large-scale production, and it is difficult to meet the volatile market demand. With the advent of the era of intelligence and data, for the development of the bottle blowing machine industry, it is indeed necessary to expand the intelligence and data of the bottle blowing machine equipment to deal with the above-mentioned industrial dilemmas. How does the bottle blowing machine develop towards the direction of intelligence and data? Regarding the intelligence of the bottle blowing machine, it is to make the bottle blowing machine smarter to achieve more tasks and reduce the input of labor resources; so that the users of the bottle blowing machine equipment can obtain greater returns and more convenient with the least investment Plastic bottle blowing process, etc. Regarding the digitization of the bottle blowing machine, the bottle blowing machine manufacturers need to invest more energy. After collecting and comprehensively analyzing the terminal big data, the production of the bottle blowing machine can constitute big data. After a comprehensive analysis of these data, it can give pointers to the production of the blow molding machine in the future, which will have a positive effect on the future development and improvement of the blow molding machine. The development of the intelligence and dataization of blow molding machine facilities requires the domestic blow molding machine industry to establish a product quality index system that is compatible with international standards or industrial developed countries standards, and implement it in design, construction, testing, installation, commissioning, service, etc. During the whole process, the production of key products with a large quantity and a wide range should be licensed, and enterprises should strengthen quality awareness and quality management.
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