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How does the blow molding machine develop in a stable direction?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-13
1. Technology is the primary productive force, so it is necessary to actively introduce technology to the outside world and enhance the ability of independent development; the introduction of technology should be linked to technical research and experimental research, and sufficient funds for digestion and absorption should be arranged. After technical research and experimental research, a true grasp of foreign countries Advanced skills, design ideas, design methods, testing methods, key design data, production processes and other skills and tips gradually constitute independent development capabilities and improve innovation capabilities. The introduction of skills should also be linked to the improvement of the company's skills, and the corresponding skills transformation funds should be arranged so that the introduced skills can quickly form production capacity and be transformed into products to enter the market. Efforts should be made to expand channels and actively carry out international cooperation in various ways, including cooperative development, collaborative manufacturing, talent introduction, and dispatched talent training, etc. 2. Quality is the foundation of survival, so it is necessary to strengthen quality work to ensure the improvement of product quality; under the situation of great development of the blow molding machine industry, the development of the blow molding machine market needs to incorporate new thinking, and firmly grasp the link of product quality , only in this way can it withstand the serious challenges from the market after joining the World Trade Organization. Domestic blow molding machines should establish a product quality index system that is compatible with international standards or standards of industrially developed countries, and implement them in the whole process of design, production, inspection, installation, debugging, and service. To license production, the company should strengthen quality awareness and quality management. Relevant government departments should further support and improve the existing bottle blowing machine product quality supervision and inspection organization, and gradually form a national product quality supervision and monitoring center, which not only undertakes the daily quality supervision work, but also undertakes the quality certification of export products. 3. Seeing six roads, listening to all directions, so combined with the characteristics of regional layout, to promote the overall coordinated development.
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