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How does the automatic blow molding machine blow out plastic bottles?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-13
Since the vast majority of plastic beverage bottles are plastic, the following manufacturers of flying pigeon blow molding machines will explain in detail the production process of how to blow out plastic bottles with automatic blow molding machines and blow molding equipment. The production of PET bottles mainly adopts the injection stretch blow molding process. The stretch blow molding process is divided into one-step processing method and two-step processing method. The one-step processing method means that the three main processes of preparing the parison, stretching and blowing in the stretch blow molding process are continuously completed in one machine, which is called the one-step processing method, also known as the hot parison method. A parison is a semi-finished product in the production process. The composition of the equipment is as follows: ① It consists of an extruder and a blow molding machine; ② it consists of an injection machine and a blow molding machine. Two-step processing means that the production process is carried out in two steps. First, the parison is prepared, which is called a semi-finished product to be processed after cooling, and has the characteristics of specialized production. The second step provides the cold parison to another enterprise or another workshop for reheating, stretching and blow molding, also known as the cold parison method. The output and process condition control of the two-step processing method are unmatched by the one-step processing method, which is suitable for mass production, but consumes more energy. Main product: blow molding machine
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