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Hollow blow molding machine before the drive will be ready to do what?

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-23
Hollow blow molding machine must be strictly prepared to drive before driving, the main contents are the following eight small points: the first point: cooling water cooling material Jane must open the can, very complete hair cow screw bite this phenomenon. The second point: preheat the hydraulic oil. If in the hollow blow molding machine in the hydraulic oil tank temperature is too low, should immediately open heater, & ndash; A mainframe platform has. The third point: press the start key and stop again, check the pump running direction is correct, if there is not corresponding to immediately change the two connect the power cord of the machine. Fourth: machine open should be without pressure in the hydraulic system. When the overflow of the open again after adjusting the pump pressure to the security of the system. In a large salt injection machine often have two pressure system, & lsquo; Is mould clamping unit and the other one is the injection unit, two units have a stress space. Pump is stopped, this pressure exhaust valve must be opened up, when the pump work, pressure vent valves must be closed c switch. Fifth: adjust the position of the all trip up close smooth dynamic template travel switch c. Sixth: close the door completely. Open operation side of the door made in accordance with the requirements of security and protection v machine all exit should be shut down at work. For large hollow blow molding machine, mold closing movement will be stopped fishing: if to open another door pump will stop working. Number seven: turn on the heating and temperature control system. Installed the first eight: mould c in mold must be cleared of mold surface and interface template with hollow blow molding machine. Ninth: hollow blow molding machine control cabinet L Lord to switch, and the operation of the anti-rust oil in switch selector to move or manual 1.
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