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High-speed blow molding machine, blow molding machine operating points-machinery professional production

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-01
1. Lubricating oil must be added to all moving parts before starting each shift. (Manipulator, manipulator guide rail, mold opening and closing guide rail.) 2. The swing arm can be added once a day (3-4), and the large chain and small chain of the heating machine can be added once a month. Frequently check whether the main reducer and heating machine reducer are short of oil. The main engine bearing can be added once every 3 months. 3. Before production, check whether the moving parts are firm, whether the screws are loose or falling off, especially whether the transmission part is abnormal in places with strong impact. 4. Check whether the high-pressure gas source, low-pressure gas source, power source, and water source are normal. 5. Check whether each emergency stop switch, safety door switch, and protection device detection switch are normal. 6. Check whether the heating head enters the embryo and the embryo falls are working properly. 7. Check whether the lamp tube is damaged or broken. It should be replaced in time. 8. Check whether the pneumatic components are leaking and whether their movements are sensitive. 9. Check whether the triple valve body is leaking abnormally, whether it is blocked, and whether the water cup is too full. 10. When the solenoid valve of the bottle blowing machine encounters an abnormality, it should be cleaned in time (one time for every 500,000 bottle blowing). 11. The blowing mold must be cleaned and cleaned regularly. 12. When opening the high and low pressure air source switch, you must act slowly to prevent the air flow from being too fast and the dirt will be blown into the solenoid valve. At the same time, open the exhaust valve for 30 seconds to ensure that the air is clean. 13. When starting the bottle blowing machine, you must make sure that the mechanical part is in good condition and there is no foreign matter. Especially the movement position, so as not to hurt people. At the same time, close the safety door. 14. When starting the machine, the heating machine must be started first to prevent voltage fluctuations. Before starting the heating, make sure that the cooling water is turned on. 15. After heating up (2-3) minutes, wait until the temperature of the oven rises evenly, and then release the preform. 16. During the operation of the machine, the blower should pay attention to safety when placing blanks and taking bottles. It is strictly forbidden to reach into the mold. 17. In an emergency, you can press the emergency stop button to make an emergency brake. Then analyze the causes based on the on-site situation and find the problem to be solved quickly. 18. When the machine is running, you must pay close attention to whether there is abnormal noise in the machine, so as to find out early and stop it in time to solve it early. 19. After the machine is running normally, do not extend any part of the body into the machine to prevent the manipulator from hurting people. If the machine makes abnormal noise, it must be slowed down for observation. 20. After the machine is in normal production, the operator must always observe the quality of the bottle, so as not to affect the quality of the bottle blowing due to voltage fluctuations or other reasons. 21. When the machine is repaired, you can press the fault repair button on the touch screen to ensure safe repair. If you need to manually observe the movement of each cavity individually, please pay attention to the position of the robotic arm. At the same time, you must be clear about the function of the separate button, and then act to ensure that the wrong operation causes unnecessary trouble. 22. After each maintenance of the machine, you must clean up tools and screws to avoid leaving them in the machine, affecting the normal operation of the machine, and avoiding accidents.
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