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Fully automatic blow molding machine with high production efficiency and low energy consumption

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-09-02
The automatic blow molding machine has the characteristics of automation, high intelligence, stable and reliable machine performance, simple structure, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, and the product is not polluted by intermediate links. 1. The billet-arranging mechanism of the fully automatic, fast and efficient feeding system adopts fully automatic equipment, which arranges the disordered billet tubes in the material into a neat row. It is sorted again and then arranged in the blank-arranging track, and finally the blank-arranging track is smoothly and quickly transported to the blank loading mechanism to wait for blank loading. A detection switch is installed on the billet management track of the billet management mechanism. When the billet channel lacks the billet tube and reaches the time set by the alarm delay, the alarm system will issue an alarm, prompting that the billet tube should be added to the billet management bucket, so it will not stop. , thus making the workflow of the device smarter and safer. The fully automated blanking mechanism not only realizes fast and efficient blanking action, saves labor costs, but also further improves the stability of the entire equipment workflow. 2. Fast and accurate blank loading system The blank tubes arranged in the blank management track are smoothly distributed to each card position of the blank plate during the transmission process, and then transported to the corresponding position automatically selected by the manipulator. After the blank tube is accurately inserted on the heating head by the manipulator, the blanking device acts to fix a group of blank tubes at the same time. After reinforcement, each blank tube is positioned correctly on the heating head to ensure that the blank tube can be used in the subsequent process flow. The tube is heated evenly and reasonably, the mold is accurately closed, and the preform is smoothly stretched and inflated. The precise action of the reinforcement device greatly improves the stability of the equipment work. 3. High-performance servo precise positioning system Similar blow molding machines that use cylinders in the market have a slow running speed. After a long time of operation, the positioning will be inaccurate, and the debugging is relatively troublesome. In addition, the air consumption of the cylinder is promoted. Also big. 4. Energy-saving and high-efficiency heating system The heating mechanism adopts an open heating system, which makes full use of cold and hot air to form convection as a heat transfer medium, and uses a lengthened heating track to prolong the heating time. The PET billet tube heat transfer is designed At the same time, according to the actual temperature required by the preform, a voltage with appropriate power is selected on the voltage regulator. The voltage regulator can realize the temperature adjustment of 5/1000 of the preform, and the small temperature control makes the preform more suitable The process requirements of blowing can fully guarantee the heating quality of the preform. After measurement, open heating can save about 50% energy than closed heating.
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