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Fully automatic blow molding machine settled in Thailand

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-31
In the first week of the working day in 2017, the manufacturer ushered in the delivery of the first bottle blowing machine of the year. This is also due to the booming business of our Thai customers. Just after the New Year, they hurriedly picked up the goods from our company in preparation for the arrival of the peak season. Before delivery, our engineers carefully inspected and wiped the four-chamber automatic PET blow molding machine to ensure that the screws in all parts of the machine are tightened and the components are normal. In order to prevent the mold and shaft parts from rusting, our company also painted the corresponding parts with anti-rust oil, so that the blow molding machine can safely pass the journey across the ocean. At the same time to avoid errors. For each mold of the customer, it is necessary to open it to check whether the bottle type corresponds, and whether the mold is damaged before packaging. When shipping, the engineer will put the auxiliary machines and main parts of the blow molding machine ordered by the customer into the container in turn, and close the carriage after confirming that the quantity is correct. It is estimated that within 10 days, this blow molding machine will be available to our buyers. After the installation and commissioning of the customer's factory is completed, it will be put into production, and then I will bring you follow-up reports.
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