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Fruit juice beverage PET bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-20
Fruit juice beverage PET bottle blowing machine is a very stable two-step automatic blowing equipment of our company. Juice beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, large-diameter bottles, high-temperature resistant bottles and other packaging containers of any shape using crystalline plastic as raw materials are now introduced to the market by integrating the advanced transmission devices and automatic control technologies at home and abroad. PET high-speed automatic blow molding machine is constantly updated and improved according to customer feedback in product design and manufacture. It has the characteristics of good stability, fast production speed, stable operation, long service life and convenient maintenance. Features of fruit juice beverage PET bottle blowing machine: 1. It adopts Taiwan Delta (DELTA) computer control system, which has high reliability, rapidity and good stability. The preform is heated by rotation, the orbit revolves, and the heating is uniform. The height and width of the reflector can be adjusted, which can be suitable for heating of preforms with different structures. 3. Automatic voltage stabilization and automatic temperature adjustment. 4. The conveyor automatically feeds blanks 5. Automatic alarm, automatic fault detection, and accurate judgment. 6. Each action is driven by a cylinder without oil pump, which has the characteristics of no pollution and low noise. 7. The air circuit is divided into three parts: low-pressure action, low-pressure pre-blowing and high-pressure air blowing, to meet the needs of different air pressures for bottle blowing and action, to achieve high-pressure blowing of finished products, and low-pressure stable operation. 8. The series PET bottle blowing machine adopts a unique blowing system, which makes the quality of the product higher. 9. Using double crankshaft and connecting rod clamping mechanism, the clamping force is strong and the action is stable and reliable. 10. The tie rods made of high tensile steel and high-quality cast iron formwork are strong and durable, and have a long working life. 11. High rigidity linear guides are used for the moving parts of the mold clamping, which run briskly.
pet bottle making machine manufacturers are required in the manufacture of almost every product and pet bottle manufacturing machine bottle blowing machine is one of the most common machines.
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