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Factors of blow molding process of blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-28
Briefly discuss the process factors of extrusion blow molding on blow molding machines. The most important thing when making a parison is the shape, quality and appearance of the plastic. In order to avoid the phenomenon of unqualified parison quality, the following four reasons are sorted out for you. 1. Extrusion temperature control The temperature of the extruder is the most important point in the extrusion blow molding process factor! The adjustment of the extrusion temperature is related to the blow molding material. Extrusion temperature will affect product quality. When the extrusion temperature is too high, it will cause uneven wall thickness on the surface of the blow molded article. When the extrusion temperature is too low, a rough surface of the parison will result. Therefore, when making large blow molded articles, the main focus is to prevent the parison from sagging, and the temperature can be lowered. When producing small blow moulded products, the temperature must be higher! 2. Selecting the right raw materials For blow molding products, important raw material issues are very important! Therefore, the selection of suitable raw materials is also an indispensable reason for extrusion blow molding process factors. The selection of raw materials depends on the properties and processing properties of the raw materials, and must meet the conditions and usage requirements of blow-molded products. In the manufacture of hollow blow molded articles, thermoplastic resins such as HDPE are often used. Reasons for choosing HDPE as raw material for blow molding. This article explains the advantages of HDPE very clearly. Check it out if you're interested! It will definitely help everyone! 3. Mold quality and mold size When it comes to molds, let's talk briefly. It is a device that determines the size and shape of the preform. Therefore, if you want to ensure a blow-molded product with a smooth skin and less burrs, you must make the mold surface smooth! Fourth, screw speed Screw speed is another important reason for extrusion blow molding process factors. Screw speed affects the quality of the parison. While high extrusion speed can increase throughput, it will reduce parison sag, but it will also result in reduced parison surface quality. If the shear rate is too high, the phenomenon of plastic melt fracture may result. . The four most important reasons that affect the extrusion blow molding process are listed above. Do you understand it? You can debug reasonably according to the situation of your own machine. The following articles will explain to you one by one, and we will see some other things about hollow blow molding machines next time!
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