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Domestic transformation and upgrading of bottle blowing machine is imperative

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-14
With the continue development of the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical field pay more attention to packaging quality and beautiful degree, this will have on the bottle blowing machine industry position higher production requirements, including energy conservation, environmental protection trend appeared, such as domestic transformation and upgrading of bottle blowing machine is imperative. Finally determines the quality of the plastic bottle blowing equipment shaping effect, especially the Angle such as sealing is crucial. Domestic high-end bottle blowing equipment is very scarce, and imported equipment of the high prices also greatly increased the production cost of related businesses. America has always been plastic machinery manufacturing giant, occupied about 24% of the world market share, followed by Germany and Japan. Although China is the needs of medicinal plastic bottles powers, but manufacturing level, especially the high-end bottle blowing machine production capacity is relatively backward. Medicinal plastic bottles of the personage inside course of study points out that industrial demand is very high, qualitative light, intensity is high, not easy damaged, sealed performance is good, moistureproof, health, after a molding without cleaning, drying temperature can be directly used in pharmaceutical packaging. The plastic bottle blowing machine mechanical itself in the global competitive advantage lies in high reliability, flexibility and security, and the use of cost and service reliability. Concerned expert points out, the current domestic use in the production of PET bottle injection blowing equipment basic is imported products, special is on the high speed and large volume production, domestic equipment couldn't compete. It is worth mentioning that the present can produce the large capacity of PET manufacturers are fewer hot filling bottle of bottle blowing machine, seemed ASB bottle blowing process many times in the desirable results have been achieved. Domestic equipment needs to improve product quality and technical level.
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