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Disadvantages and treatment methods of plastic blow molding machines

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-01
Disadvantages and treatment methods of plastic blow molding machine: 1. Light box water channel high temperature alarm Treatment method: Disassemble the water channel connecting rubber tube, and purge and clean the water channel with low pressure gas and alcohol. 2. Handling of jaw defects: Adjust the height of the slide table, maybe the position of the jaws. 3. Action stuck Solution: restart the plastic blow molding machine. 4. The origin cannot be started manually. Treatment method: Check whether the displaced first jaw, the displaced second jaw and the variable pitch positioning plate are stuck in the corresponding orientation. If not, manually snap them to the appropriate orientation and start the origin. 5. The handling method of the action is not in place: Check if something is stuck. Schedule the gas flow valve. 6. Exhaust noise is too large. Treatment method: Check whether the high-pressure exhaust muffler is damaged or falls off. 7. The treatment method of the uneven embryo tract: adjust the position of the embryo bucket. The above are the shortcomings and treatment methods of plastic bottle blowing equipment in the process of blowing.
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