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Details of the blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-06
The standard series blow molding machine is our company's most stable two-step down-blowing stretching automatic blow molding equipment. ), the maximum can blow 2L plastic bottles, the production operation only needs one person, which can be adjusted, replaced and maintained quickly and easily; the standard series of blow molding machines are suitable for blowing any shape of carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, Large diameter bottles, high temperature bottles and other packaging containers. Linear blow molding machine specificationsLinear blow molding machine(YCQ-2L-2)Linear blow molding machine(YCQ-2L-4)Linear blow molding machine(YCQ-2L-6)Cavity number(cav)246 theory Output (PCS/HR) 2400-27004000-50007000-8000 Maximum bottle capacity 2L2L2L Maximum outer diameter of bottle mouth 80mm28-38mm28-38mm Maximum bottle diameter 100mm100mm100mm Maximum bottle height 330mm330mm330mm Number of lamps 32pcs32pcs32pcs Lamp power 25KW1.25KW Maximum heating power 24KW40KW40KW Machine installed total power 27KW43KW43KW Actual power consumption 19KW21.5KW30.1KW Working pressure 7-9kg/c㎡7-9kg/c㎡7-9kg/c㎡ low pressure air consumption 1000L/min1600L/min1600L/min blowing Pressure 25-35kg/c㎡25-35kg/c㎡25-35kg/c㎡ High pressure air consumption 1500Ltr/min3000Ltr/min4000Ltr/min Working pressure 5-6 kg/c㎡5-6 kg/c㎡5-6 kg/ c㎡Temperature range 10℃10℃10℃ Consumption 5000kcal/hr8000kcal/hr8000kcal/hr Chilled water flow 30L/min88L/min88L/min Machine size 2.25*1.6*1.7(m)4.5x1.6x1.96.5x1.5x1.9 Machine weight 2.5ton3.5ton4ton
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