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Daily inspection and maintenance items of blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-03
The blow molding machine is as well maintained as your car to last a long time. Let Xiaobian introduce you to the daily inspection and maintenance items of the blow molding machine. Daily inspection items of the blow molding machine 1. Check whether the safety doors, safety valves, emergency stop buttons and all safety electric eyes of the entire blow molding equipment are normal. 2. Check whether the hot water machine and the oil hot machine work normally. 3. Check whether there is air leakage in the blow molding machine. 4. Check whether the tension of the preform chain is not enough and whether the sprocket is flexible. 5. Check whether each motor and gear box are overheated, and whether the running sound is abnormal, especially the main motor of the blow molding machine should always check whether there is heat or abnormal noise. 6. Pay attention to listen to the main motor of the blowing machine and the blowing part of the mold, whether there is any abnormal noise, stagnation, astringency, etc. jitter phenomenon. 7. Observe whether other moving parts of the machine are running smoothly, and whether there is stagnation and shaking. Check whether there is a burning smell in each electrical cabinet, and whether each electrical appliance operates abnormally. Carefully observe whether the electric eyes and sensors work normally. Bottle blowing machine cycle maintenance items 1. Clean or replace the air filter. Clean the mold temperature machine water filter. Clean the cooling water filter. Clean the oil heater filter. Clean the oven reflector for damage. 2. Check whether the heating lamp tube of the heating furnace is in good condition and whether there is blackening. Check whether the solenoid valve of the switching die and the stretching device is in good condition. Check that the machine safety door, emergency stop button and all safety sensors are working properly. 3. Check all air valves, air pipes and air pipe joints for air leakage. Check whether each sensor, electric eye, and proximity switch operate well. Check whether the safety guardrail and safety electric eye of the preform inversion system are working properly. Check whether the upper and lower limits and safety limits of the tipping bucket of the preform inversion system are normal. Check whether the lifting conveyor belt and motor of the preform lifting system work normally. Check that the preform handling system is working properly. Check whether the conveyor belt of the conveyor belt recovery system is damaged and whether the motor is running normally. 4. Check whether all wiring is damaged or loose, use your right hand to check and wear insulating work shoes to prevent electric shock. 5. Check whether the positioning bolts of the blow molding machine are loose. After tightening, mark them with a marker for future maintenance and inspection. After the equipment is tested and accepted and sent to the customer's factory, we will dispatch commissioning engineers to provide technical training for the workers of the customer's factory, and provide long-term technical support and services to the customer. We will provide customers with timely, professional and efficient after-sales service, including bottle blowing machine introduction, installation, commissioning, maintenance, technical training, on-site service, regular follow-up visits, etc. When the machine fails, we will assist the customer by telephone or network in a short period of time and provide solutions, and quickly arrange for technicians to come to repair if necessary.
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