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Customers' trust in us

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-09-14
Customers trust us, the purchased equipment is sent directly to our factory, and we can help him debug it. Features of this machine: A. With advanced PLC control system, the performance is stable and outstanding. B. The heat penetration is strong and the preform is rotated by itself, so that the preform is subjected to uniform heat during the preheating process. C. High adaptability, by adjusting the distance between the lamp tube and the reflector, the preform can fully absorb heat. Equipped with an automatic constant temperature device, the temperature can be maintained within a certain range. D. There are safety locking devices during each mechanical action to protect the operator's safety. E. Use air cylinder instead of hydraulic cylinder, less pollution and low noise. F. Use different air pressure for blowing and machine operation, energy saving and environmental protection. G. Equipped with high pressure and double crank connecting rod clamping to provide high clamping force. H. With automatic and manual operation I. Safe, reliable and unique valve position design makes it easier to control the blowing process J. Low cost, high efficiency, easy operation, easy maintenance, etc., advanced automatic process. K. Avoid contamination of bottle body L. Protection of low temperature cooling system M. Easy to install and start N. Low rejection rate
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