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Current development of blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-06
With the continuous growth of the food industry, the beverage packaging industry and other industries have also grown, which also stimulated the development of the bottle blowing machine industry. At present, my country's bottle blowing machine industry has three main problems: First, the technology of the bottle blowing machine industry is not advanced enough. The development model of the plastic bottle blowing machine industry is lagging behind, and it is urgently needed to develop in the direction of environmental protection, quality optimization and high energy. Only by developing the bottle blowing machine industry around the purpose of 'safety, health, and environmental protectionDue to the high price of blow molding machines, second-hand blow molding machines have become the first choice for small-scale enterprises. However, the quality of second-hand products cannot be guaranteed, and the production capacity cannot be guaranteed, which restricts the development of industry orders. For domestic blow molding machine companies, they are also currently facing the pains of industrial transformation and upgrading. How to quickly complete the upgrade requires finding a breakthrough point. In the 21st century, energy has become the main topic of society. If the bottle blowing machine can reduce the original energy consumption and realize green energy saving while maintaining the original efficiency and quality, this will win the favor of a large number of plastic bottle companies. The machine will directly bring the most tangible cost savings and profit improvement to plastic bottle companies. In addition, technological innovation is a shortcoming of my country's bottle blowing machine industry. If you want to improve your competitiveness, you must become the industry leader without the support of technology. At present, there are only two ways to expand the bottle blowing machine market: one is to consolidate the domestic bottle blowing machine market, adopt foreign technology, improve domestic production technology, and expand the scale of the bottle blowing machine industry; the second is to go abroad. Blow molding machine is a labor-intensive industry. Choose countries with more labor cost advantages to explore the market potential of blow molding machines. Among them, there are several major problems in the bottle blowing machine market that need to be solved urgently: 1. The popularity is low. Although it has influence in China and Africa, it is not influential in developed regions. 2. Innovative. Although the blow molding machine can meet the production of small enterprises, it is helpless when encountering large enterprises and high requirements. This is an important factor restricting the development of blow molding machine enterprises. Response policy: Bottle blowing machines can only cooperate with well-known domestic plastic bottle companies to do a good job of pre-sales and after-sales services. From the domestic to gain a firm foothold, gradually grow, and go to developed areas. Continuous innovation and gradual blow molding machine technology has won international recognition.
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