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CSA certificate, blow molding machine, can stand the test

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-09-12
This year is fortunate, and it can be said that it is a matter of course. We welcomed a few Canadian customers of our company. After the order was confirmed through detailed negotiation with the customer, we started the preparatory work non-stop. The procurement department looked for suppliers, Make sure that all electrical components ranging from motors to small switches and fuse warning lights have CSA certification marks. Because the design department is not a standard machine, redesign the machine process drawing and electrical drawing, and the production department needs special parts to quickly place an order and start processing. CSA personnel visited, our company patiently listened to professional guidance and cooperated with the inspection work (left picture), we installed locks on each door on the machine to ensure the safety of the machine and personnel to the greatest extent, and achieve 100% Hidden danger (right picture) wiring is in accordance with Canadian standards, all motors have overload and overcurrent protection, all electrical components have C S A certification mark CSA certificate is released, don't look at such a small label, but super gold content, which means blowing The excellent machine quality of the bottle machine and the high standard and strict technology and service can stand the test. At the same time, it also escorts customers and provides sufficient safety production guarantees. I believe that customers who choose our machines will move to a new level. Please believe enough that the blow molding machine machinery, manufacturing, will be exported to every corner of the world.
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