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Commonly used method of hollow blow molding is a manufacturing thermoplastic products

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-08
Blow molding is a useful method of manufacturing hollow thermoplastic products, main products are tube membrane and hollow container. Blow molding machine could make preforming products plasticization by heating, and then enter the blow mould make type, this method is mainly used for high speed high production of PET bottle blow molding machine and BOPP bottles of production, namely two step process; Blow molding can also be combined with injection molding process become injection blowing machine, this also is the commonly used method in the production of PET containers; Blow molding process can also be combined with extrusion process, adapt to a broader range of extrusion blow molding equipment, can produce the products is also more abundant, products including multi-layer composite membrane and all kinds of polyolefin hollow container, widely used in food, medicine and cosmetics industry. According to the plastic products production process, plastic machinery can be divided into plastic mixing machines, plastic molding machines, plastic secondary processing and plastic processing machinery auxiliary machinery or equipment such as four major categories. Plastic mixing machine is used for all kinds of plastic mixing material manufacturing, including kneading machine, plastic mixing mill ( Mixing mill and mixer) , dicing machine, screening machine, crusher, grinding machine and so on. Plastic molding machine, also known as plastic processing machinery, for plastic processing or products of tire, including pressure molding machine, injection molding machine, extrusion molding machine, blow molding machine, rolling machine, rolling machine, foam machine, etc. Plastic secondary processing machinery for plastic semi-product or products reprocessing and post-processing, including hot forming machine, welding machine, heat sealing machine, hot stamping machine, vacuum evaporation machine, flocking machine, printing machine, etc. Metalworking machine tools are also used in plastic secondary processing. Plastic processing auxiliary machinery or equipment in order to realize the rationalization of plastic processing process, including automatic measuring feeding device, automatic scrap recycling equipment, injection molding products automatically remove device, injection mould rapid replacement device, injection mold cooling machine, automatic thickness measurement device and raw material conveying and storage equipment. This kind of auxiliary machinery or equipment, plastic processing process automation has become a modern indispensable part.
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