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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-07-14

1. Blowing a lightweight water bottle, stretching and easy to accumulate, what requirements does the equipment have on the structure of the preform? The protection scheme for the bottle mouth (to prevent the bottle mouth from deforming), and the linear speed of the preform infiltration and baking in the heating furnace (The preform wall is thin and the heating time is short)? Analysis: For lightweight bottles, the stretch ratio between the preform and the bottle body is preferably 1:2.5 (excluding the mouth part), this ratio can effectively solve the bottle The problem of accumulation. The diameter of the bottle body should not be too large, otherwise the bottle body will easily turn white. The bottle mouth needs to increase the cooling effect of air cooling and water cooling. So strictly speaking, if the customer’s conditions permit, you can refer to imported machines to install central air conditioners in the production workshop to keep the ambient temperature of the workshop at room temperature, so that even if the temperature of the chiller is 10 degrees, No condensation will occur. In fact, whether it is a semi-automatic machine or a fully automatic pet bottle blowing machine, the heating furnace has always been our strengths. The heating effect of the heating furnace is the primary condition of the entire blowing process, and it cannot be regarded as dead grass, leaving no room for it. Whether the process range is large or not, whether it is good or not, is directly related to the heating furnace. The best heating effect should be: heating-blowing penetration-heating-blowing penetration-heating (a series of cycles). Generally speaking, the effective heating time of the water bottle should be no less than 27 seconds; the effective heating time of the lightweight bottle should be no less than 24 seconds. Analysis: As long as the equipment is controlled strictly in accordance with the method in the instruction manual, and the performance of each safety door is checked regularly, the equipment as a whole is safe. But the biggest hidden danger of the equipment is mainly on the seals of the water jacket and air jacket. For example, the water and air jacket are damaged, and the maintenance works are more troublesome. 2. Blowing a medium-temperature bottle with a large weight, a thick preform wall, and a long heating time. The heating furnace needs to increase the heating zone. What is the linear speed of the preform infiltration and baking in the heating furnace? Cold blowing process, the bottle temperature resistance The upper limit of the temperature (such as 75 degrees)? If the mold heat transfer oil is used for heating, and the cold blowing process is still used, what is the temperature resistance of the bottle? What are the drawbacks and whether the parameters of the bottle are qualified? The bottom mold uses warm water or cold water for better results? Analysis: The effective heating time of the medium temperature bottle and hot filling bottle should be no less than 33 seconds. The output of 24,000 bottles/hour should be equipped with nine-zone heating furnaces. Under normal circumstances, if the weight of the medium temperature bottle meets the requirements, it can be blown by the cold filling process. It is enough to pass cooling water through the mold body and chilled water at the bottom of the mold. Only when the weight is light, the negative pressure plate will swell out after being filled with warm water due to the insufficient strength of the bottle (the square is more serious, so the shape of the bottle is best required to be a round bottle), the mold body heating process will be considered. Improve the heat resistance and strength of the bottle body. As for the choice of heating method, since the maximum water temperature is only 100 degrees, a one-step approach can be taken, and it is recommended that the oil temperature be better. Only chilled water is required to pass through the bottom of the mold. 3. For blowing carbonated bottles, how much larger the cold water of the bottom mold needs to be configured than the blowing water bottle? In order to ensure that the bottom of the bottle is qualified, the cooling time and temperature requirements? How much speed will be reduced? From the time of the process, the heating furnace will be Adding several sections of heaters is a reasonable structure? Analysis: Since the weight of carbonated bottles is heavier than that of water bottles, the thick bottom of the bottle bottom also has strict requirements, which is thicker than the bottom of the water bottle, generally around 2.4MM, so the carbonated bottom The temperature will be higher than the temperature at the bottom of the water bottle, which must require the chiller to take away more heat in an instant. Therefore, in the case of the same capacity, the chiller equipped with carbonated bottles is about 5 horses larger than the chiller equipped with water bottles. A simpler algorithm can be calculated at 1200 bottles/hp, for example: 36000 bottles/hour can be equipped with a 30-hp chiller. In order to ensure the stress requirements of the carbonate bottle bottom, the cooling time is generally 1.2 seconds, and the bottom mold temperature is 11 degrees. The number of lamp zones in the heating furnace can be referred to the configuration of the hot filling machine, and the effective heating time of the preform should be no less than 33 seconds. 4. Blowing and filling the bottle, the mouth of the bottle is non-crystalline, what is the upper limit of the temperature of the bottle? The weight requirement? The arrangement of the process time, if the single cavity is designed according to 1600-1700, how to allocate the rotating process time, how to ensure that each The process time required for each angle? The requirements and methods to ensure the cooling temperature of the compressed air? Analysis: At present, the preform mouth used in the production of hot-filled bottles in the industry is generally divided into crystalline mouth and non-crystalline mouth, and non-crystal mouth There are two types: 28 ports and 38 ports. As far as the bottle mouth is concerned, the crystalline mouth can withstand 100 degrees without deformation, but the upper limit of the heat resistance of the non-crystal mouth is only 92 degrees. If it is higher, the bottle mouth will be deformed by heat. The preform and gram weight used for blowing the medium temperature bottle are best selected according to the requirements of hot filling. If it is designed according to the single-mode 1700 bottles/hour, the single-mode cycle is 2.1 seconds, of which 1/4 of the time is the time to unlock the mold, and the remaining 3/4 of the time is the process time, minus the balance, Sealing, stretching, and pre-blowing are 0.2 seconds. In fact, the time for high-pressure forming and pressure-holding crystallization is only 1 second, the time for cold blowing and setting is 0.3 seconds, and the time for closing and closing is 0.1 seconds.                                

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