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Common blow molding machine can be divided into three kinds of how to identify

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-05
Conventional plastic blow molding machine can be divided into three types, including the extrusion blow molding machine, injection blow molding machine and blow molding machine is a kind of special structure, and stretch blow molding machine can be belong to extrusion blow molding machine, injection blow molding machine and special structure is one of the blow molding machine, and common extrusion blow molding machine is with the combination of blow molding machinery and mould, generally by the parison extrusion machinery die head, blowing device and clamping structure, the thickness of the parison of control system and drive motor, parison die head is decided the quality of blow molding products an important part of routine cases side feeding type of die and the central feed type die head. When blowing more large products adopt the type cylinder. The smallest type of cylinder volume is 1 kg, the biggest can reach 240 kg. Parison thickness control device is used to control the parison wall thickness control points can reach a maximum of 128 points, of course, for two to three commonly between ten o 'clock, extrusion blow molding machine can produce volume in the range of 2. 5毫升- Hollow products of 1041. Injection blow molding machine is the combination of injection molding machine and blow molding, including plasticizing mechanism, hydraulic system, control of electrical appliances and other mechanical parts. Common types include three working injection blow molding machine and injection blow molding machine four work station. Three working machine have three type precast slab, huff and stripping station, each station 120 & deg; 。 The four location machine a preforming more Labour, separated by 90 states & deg; 。 In addition, there are location between 180 & deg; The double location of injection blow molding machine. Plastic container size precision injection blow molding machine production, without secondary processing, but the mold cost is higher. Special structure of the blow molding machine is made of sheet, molten material and cold billet for the parison blow molding hollow body with special shape, and purpose of the blow molding machine. Due to the shape of the production of products and different requirements, the structure of the blow molding machine is also different.
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