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Commander of the new bottle blowing machine screw 1 bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-11-04
Screw can be divided into regular, usually the gradient type, mutation type, mixed type, separation, FenLiuXing and various barriers, pin type, DIS FenLiuXing and PaiQiXing, etc. ; Screw quotas for single head or become the first class. For general without flame retardant plastic, use normal general screw can be processed, you just need to choose different diameter according to different melt viscosity. If the performance is a special plastic, special products or special plastic particle shape, must use the special screw. General screw for a certain plastics, in such aspects as plasticizing and consumed power than the special screw superior performance. Here are all kinds of special products, special needs and manufacture of special screw introduce one by one. PC special screw PC for the high viscosity of crystals plastic, poor liquidity, long heated easy degradation and loading torque, hard to melt, sluggish plug, need high temperature, high pressure injection, the material temperature adjusting range is narrow and manufacturability as PMMA. Screw adopts imported high alloy steel hardening treatment, effective under high torque, high pressure, good wear resistance, surface plating, corrosion resistance, smooth without porosity in order to reduce the surface adhesion and degradation, and detail structure elaborate processing, hide glue to prevent, low shear design, fever. Generally take small diameter, forming PCABS + PC, PP R, such as flame retardant ABS effect is good. Can also be molding plastics and PMMA ordinary products, but the melange effect is poor. Add toner, such as plastic should be made to strengthen the color mixture type screw.
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