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China plastics that have astonished the world

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-11-07
Basic stabilization under the influence of crude oil, naphtha, 18, 77 Asia Singapore prices. 87, the day rose slightly 0. $9. Asian ethylene bid up, ethylene CFR price $5 to 1151 - northeast Asia 1156 dollars/tons, ethylene CFR price stabilization reported 1221 - southeast Asia $1231 / ton. Yesterday most of petrochemical factory listing price stabilization, only Shanghai secco increase ex-factory price 200 yuan/ton, near the mainstream ex-factory price is in 11200 yuan/ton; Regional spot market prices continue to rise, the merchants offer gains generally in 200 yuan/ton, week petrochemical factory has not been a pricing policies, businesses on the sidelines while pull up quotation, the mainstream market price is around 11300 yuan/ton, needs little change, clinch a deal. China plastics industry after a long period of struggle and globally oriented, open category has formed a relatively complete industrial system, become the basis of keep pace with the steel, cement, wood material industry, as a new type of material, its use area has been far beyond the above three kinds of material into the 21st century, China's plastics industry obtained the accomplishments that have astonished the world, has realized the historical spanning. As plastic industry is one of the pillar industries of light industry, has remained at more than 10% growth rate in recent years, while maintaining the rapid development speed, economic benefit is also have a new improve. Plastic products industry enterprises above designated size in the total output value in light industry 19 major in third place, product sales, 97. 8%, higher than the average level in light industries. From the synthetic resin, plastic machinery and plastic products production, it shows China's plastics industry strong momentum of development. 1-2007 In December, China plastic products enterprise implement total gross value of industrial output 801. 815657 billion yuan, 27 year-on-year growth. 06%; 1-2008 In October, China plastic products enterprise implement total gross value of industrial output 788. 006448 billion yuan, 22 year-on-year growth. 16%. From the point of plastic technology graphics, even the main model of 1005 Friday at a Yin line, still stand above the average system, 5 daily average line wear 20 daily average lines form the golden cross, MACD indicators have golden cross signs, already from green to red, in the short term, there is still a certain momentum, but at present there are certain pressure early highs. Fundamentals, recent macroeconomic and volatile oil price also make plastic seesawed, short-term movements or shock, medium and long term cautiously bullish. Longer-term investors should give priority to with more ideas, more investors early single meet high amount of positions, but not blindly chase after go up, in case the callback to establish positions, pressure above 12260, below 5 11850 - day moving average support level.
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