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Buy the bottle blowing machine which parameters need to be paid attention to

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-08-26
First of all, give you the bottle blowing process is as follows: 1, injection molding machine, blow out bottles of embryos ( This bottle embryo can look for suppliers, can also work with) 2, bottle embryo, after baking oven baked soft 3, soft bottle embryo in the bottle blowing mold blow to buy PET bottle blowing machine note: 1, the output: according to their own production requirements, select a second, a fourth parameter of the machine, according to the parameters for the manufacturer. 2, whether the hot filling: I don't know what are you going to the sterilization or whether the fruit and vegetable drinks, but no hot filling beverage bottle blowing machine needs heat type bottle blowing machine, this machine has a special treatment for PET bottle, to prevent the deformation in the process of filling. 3, price: this is not much said, prices are cheap and good things better. You get 4, after-sales service: a running machine, it will appear some condition, good after-sales service supplier, the subsequent parts update ability, etc. , all need to consider. 5, gas source: bottle blowing machines require air use collocation, because it is a pneumatic device. I don't know if you are already free press and buy the bottle blowing machine, or all need to purchase. Both collocation is also important to meet each other, so air pressure is insufficient, or excess waste resources are short of eer maximization, the purpose of cost savings. So this is also important.
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