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Bottle blowing vendors would provide plastic bottle manufacturer

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-02
As people's consumption level enhancement, all kinds of all kinds of mineral water, beverage drink gradually into the people line of sight, a growing number of beverage maker is to expand the size of expanding again. Magnanimous rise resulting in the plastic industry, is also a lot of plastic bottles producers from start small orders to their inability to production. What causes a order do not to come out, can't supply? Yes, a friend said it. Is the problem appeared on the production of plastic bottles machine craft. Is now call the bottle blowing machine. Now, let me simple introduce for you, the advantages and disadvantages of bottle blowing machine. As the rise of a beverage drinks industry, plastic manufacturers also very headache. Do not have list out, can't supply. Apparently there was a problem in production line? The specific reason presumably most merchants have guessed, is the quality problem of the bottle blowing machine, and is the production of bottle blowing machine function is strong or not. For example, is also two bottle blowing machine, and from different manufacturers. A bottle blowing machine bottle blowing amount per minute to 33, 30000 machine cost, selling to the customer's price is RMB 50000. B home bottle blowing machine bottle blowing amount per minute 70 machine cost price is 50000 5 50000 pieces sold to customers. Blow the same bottle, must have a lot of not consider quality of machine, and the production quality is difference alone 5000 piece, took the bottle blowing machine B from considering list was abolished. And so on, more and more producers production became a big problem. Next, to recommend you a bottle blowing machine power factory, their love of bottle blowing machine is also affected by the big boss. Taizhou machinery factory is the bottle blowing machine industry in the main backbone enterprises in north China, is specializing in the production of bottle blowing machines, blow molding machine, plastic bottle blowing factory house. Automatic bottle blowing machine price is reasonable. The machine adopts frequency control of motor speed, intelligent temperature control. Good design, stable performance. Is mainly used for fruit bottles, pesticide bottles, medicine bottles, detergent bottles, bump of ice pail, 502 plastic water bottles, 84 disinfection liquid bottle, plastic drum, jelly, ophthalmic hollow plastic products such as the water bottle, oil barrels. Can also be customized according to customer requirements. Then I offer the bottle blowing machine enterprise website url: http://www. czfmc。 Com/want to learn more knowledge of bottle blowing machine, go to the Internet, maybe happy surprises. 。
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