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Bottle blowing machines in production will produce what kind of uncertainty

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-28
In the automatic bottle blowing machine production at ordinary times, often the weight of the product is not stable, such as the weight of the product is beyond the prescribed amount of deviation phenomenon. Weight instability is characterized by a bottle at the bottom of the nozzle is expected to appear different length, serious when because of the length of the pipe material is not enough make products to blow molding, a weight of unstable reason mainly has the following several ways: 1. Inaccurate temperature control in the production or the temperature deviation, temperature measurement point ( Thermocouple) Installation position is not reasonable, make temperature periodic deviation, with the increase of temperature deviation range, the influence of weight deviation is also increased. At higher temperatures, extrusion cylinder drawing more, in the same operation cycle, increase in the number of shuikou material bottle, product weight. At low temperature, the product weight. When there was a poor contact thermocouple, have similar failures, bad, if the thermocouple is extrusion amount decreases, and below the temperature of the plastic melting point again, motor current increases. Below the melting point of plastic extrusion. Installation of thermocouple is reasonable and the area size of thermocouple temperature measuring point, will directly affect the extrusion stability. 2. Two die set do not match the running time, Difference is too big) , if the feed tube downward flow of constant speed, or so on both sides of the die set running time difference is large, appear on both sides of the weight is not stable. Die set run faster weight is heavier, die set run slower due to the relationship between tensile lighter weight. The solution is to adjust the die set close to the travelling time on both sides. 3. Extrusion is stable, encounter as a result of the motor running speed instability and light by belt tightness is not suitable for extrusion amount caused by unstable. 4. Plastic raw materials, due to the different plastic raw materials or mix proportion change caused by discharging, add water material floolwing ( The percentage) Often change impact extrusion
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