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Bottle blowing machine what kind of maintenance system

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-17
Strengthen the low maintenance man is to guarantee the normal production of bottle blowing machine, prolong the service life of equipment is one of the indispensable conditions. Properly arrange equipment overhaul, repair, and minor repair plan to improve the product quality has very important significance. A, big repairing overhaul time as far as possible in the glass furnace overhaul time. Mainly for the bottle blowing machine to carry on the thorough repair, all need to replace parts & ndash; Law to give change, avoid in the process of production downtime, generally want to consider to use until the next overhaul. General often change during the overhaul of parts are: piston rod, piston, rack, gear, spline shaft, spline sleeve, hinges and all kinds of shaft sleeve, etc. Second, usually once every six months, major change, repair parts, affecting the quality of bottle blowing of not affecting the quality of bottle blowing machine, such as can, try to use some time, to avoid waste. Often in part are: small shaft, small cover, seal trapped, bottle cutters, etc. Three, small bottle blowing machine mountain fault at any time to repair, if can use replacement products or power failure for the best, and reduce downtime.
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