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Bottle blowing machine troubleshooting method

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-04
The blow molding machine is the crystallization of the integration of machinery, electronic control and hydraulic pressure. It is complex in electricity, crossed by oil pressure pipelines, and has various controllers. The fault phenomena are also strange and different. There are thousands of components in a large blow molding machine. If one of the components is faulty, it will cause an abnormal phenomenon of the blow molding machine. There will also be problems with the connection of wires and a little negligence. Large-scale blow molding machines are bulky, and they are used in the absence of constant temperature blow molding workshops. The influence of the environment can easily lead to failures. For this reason, the problem of 'difficult maintenance' of imported blow molding machines is placed in front of us. How to quickly find out faults and hidden dangers and eliminate them in time? I think first of all, we must have a high sense of responsibility; second, we must work hard to master CNC hydraulic technology. After years of practice in maintaining blow molding machines, I believe that we should see more, ask more, remember more, think more, practice more, and gradually improve our technical level. And maintenance ability, in order to adapt to various complex situations, solve difficult problems, and repair the blow molding machine. To see more 1. It is necessary to read more information on the electronic circuit of the bottle blowing machine, to understand the characteristics and functions of the electronic circuit system of the bottle blowing machine and the PC and PLC programmable controllers; to understand the alarm and elimination methods of the electronic circuit system of the bottle blowing machine ; To understand the meaning of PC and PLC bottle blowing machine parameter setting; To understand the programming language of PC and PLC; To understand the action programming method of the blow molding machine; To understand the operation of the control panel of the blow molding machine and the content of each menu, often A lot of information, what do you think? I think the main point is to highlight the key points and understand the ins and outs. The key point is to understand the basic composition and structure of the bottle blowing machine controller and master the block diagram. The rest can be 'toured' and read through, but each part of the content must be understood and mastered. Because the internal circuit diagram of the blow molding machine controller is quite complicated, and the manufacturer does not provide it. Therefore, it is not necessary to clarify in detail. It is necessary to focus on understanding the function of each part, the function of each board, the whereabouts of the interface, the meaning of LED lights, etc. Now there are many models of blow molding machine controllers, which are updated quickly. Different manufacturers and different models are often very different. To understand their commonalities and personalities. 2. Look at the electrical diagram of the blowing machine and digest the electrical diagram of the blowing machine. For each electrical component, such as: contactor, relay, time relay, etc., as well as the input and output of PC and PLC, it should be noted on the electrical diagram. 3. Look at the hydraulic diagrams and digest them deeply. For the mechanical and hydraulic diagrams of the blow molding machine, it is necessary to understand their functions and ins and outs. And indicate on the drawing one by one, such as which solenoid valve is used for clamping the mold? What are the corresponding PC and PLC outputs and inputs? It is stated on the diagram that the electrical to the mechanical action is one step to the end, and at the same time, it is necessary to focus on the parts that are closely related to the machine and electricity. Now the blow molding machine adopts the electro-hydraulic proportional technology, and it is necessary to focus on understanding its function and function, especially To understand the adjustment method and adjustment data, the proportional valve current and the corresponding pump pressure in static and dynamic conditions, both electricity and mechanics, mechatronics, and a variety of skills will be mastered, so that the ability to solve problems will be great.
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