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Bottle blowing machine technology innovation to promote enterprise development in China

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-14
Bottle blowing machine, hiding a huge potential industry, is developing rapidly in China, there are many excellent enterprise, such as tech-long, jas, mihoshi, prosperity, as market competition is intense, between enterprise product sales is relatively good. According to the rapid development of plastic packaging products in recent years, with the bottle packaging container demand increasing, bottle blowing molding equipment is also growing. Owing to demand higher bottle blowing equipment, although bottle blowing equipment has a strong production in China, but the precision of the device itself and the performance are not as good as abroad equipment. As is known to all, ordinary plastic bottles when meet high temperature liquid contraction deformation, some still can produce peculiar smell, is to restrict the development of hot filling beverage industry. High temperature resistant bottle blowing machine, dedicated to the packaging of tea, fruit juices and other hot filling beverage, solved a problem in the hot filling beverage industry. Heat resistant series bottle blowing machine, according to the high temperature filling materials influence the performance of the principle of multiple bottle blowing technology is used to reduce the residual stress of raw materials, ensure the production out of the bottle will not contraction deformation in the process of hot filling or slight deformation. Since the prices of raw materials, so a lot of container manufacturers are tried his best to reduce the weight of the container, in order to save raw material. And in promoting the environmental protection today, save energy, reduce pollution has become a product is high quality is an important standard. Because of rising costs and technology update requirement, some to have the strength enterprise development better, will seize the opportunity and some small businesses may be stagnant, be eliminated in the competition. Plastic light quality cheap price, but also safe, attracted many before using glass materials enterprises. In recent years, the development of functional drinks and wine packaging market, more strict with bottle blowing technology. Precision bottle blowing machine, comply with the development to high speed and high pressure injection of parison, compared with ordinary bottle blowing machine, due to high injection pressure, speed, its good rigidity of mould system, have enough attention, mold blowing mold clamping, resistance to high pressure, resistance performance is good, mold deformation. Parison precision injection mold design, blow molding mould design and manufacturing is to obtain the basic conditions of tight container. Bottle blowing machine in the future high-tech high quality development, the market is more and more widely, in food, cosmetics, daily chemical and other use. Domestic bottle blowing factory constantly develop new products, new technology to improve quality, win better market share, enhance their competitiveness in the industry as a whole.
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