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Bottle blowing machine system driven by what

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-05
Four station rotary bottle blowing machine, it is a one-piece machine. Is the main features of extruder using electromagnetic heating. Can be cost savings for the user, can save 30% electricity per month. Bottle blowing machine, connector we use are PPR pipe fittings, from the design of the appearance, durable, practical and consider for the customer in such aspects as very considerate. This machine is mainly suitable for side inlet plastic packaging: if bottles, beverage bottles, ice pops, jelly bottles, medicine bottles and hollow products. Transmission part adopts frequency control of motor speed. Using screw extrusion blow molding technology, automatic temperature control variable frequency speed regulation. The unit electrical, pneumatic, mechanical one, stable performance, simple operation and convenient.

bottle blowing machine adopts drive system? Compare with common bottle blowing machine is driven by servo motor system, reduce the hydraulic system and pneumatic system in oil pump during operation should be normally open or tightening machine formed by the electric energy waste, therefore, servo motor drive system than the hydraulic system and pneumatic system energy saving more than 50%; Servo motor driver also prevents the traditional hydraulic drive often present the oil of the machine and the product was contaminated, can meet the food, medicine, health and other industries to clean machines and product request; Load embryonic organization configuration advanced servo electric drive system, using the servo motor driven load embryo slider with linear guide operation, stable running, step positioning precision, save electricity and energy saving, bottle blowing machine drive system is very important, can't ignore this!
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