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Bottle blowing machine: recycled biodegradable packaging materials to the wind

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-11-03
2018 China express industry ( International) Development conference held in Beijing last weekend. Congress shows from commodity packaging, warehousing, transportation to the distribution of the whole chain each link of the development of green new measures, shows the recycled biodegradable packaging materials in the express industry turned to upgrade the huge potential. In biodegradable packaging materials, for example, in full biodegradable packaging waste composting conditions, 3 ~ 6 months can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, won't produce pollution to the environment. China express association vice President and secretary general, said sun kang, 2017, 400 China express delivery business. 600 million, and in recent years about add billions each year. Express industry use cases each year about 4 billion, plastic wrap 7 billion ~ 8 billion, file covers 4 billion, each express has a waybill, and there are a large number of adhesive tape, packaging materials consumption. Standing vice President of China packaging federation yue-zhong wang said: & other; The express package to solve the main problem is excessive volume and excessive, material function. Among them, the material is should use a single material, it USES the different composite materials; Should use easy degradation, its use is not easy to degrade. ” Meeting, in a variety of factors, the current in a loop of biodegradable environmental protection packaging materials to replace traditional paper-plastic packaging materials has been started. It is understood that in 2017 China's express industry use biodegradable file is 10. Environmental protection bags of 1, 800 million, chip. 0. 2 billion, biodegradable circulation box more than 20 a, a good momentum of development. CSPB is now encouraging recycling express packaging enterprises, and promoting environmental protection bag, since 2017 to replace the previous bag, for 2020 years ago the two-thirds of transit for environmental protection bag bag of replacement. CSPB also promote parcel waybill to reduce paper printing, electronic and hope manufacturers more biodegradable adhesive tape production, strive for more than half by 2020 package will use biodegradable packaging materials, reducing environmental pollution and resource waste. Determine target according to the country, by 2020, express delivery industry biodegradable green packaging material application ratio will be increased to 50%, mainly express agreement customers of electronic waybill utilization rate above 90%, the average each express packaging material to reduce more than 10%. In the face of recycled biodegradable packaging materials market tuyere, many enterprises have been hungry. Packaging industry leading enterprises, for example, Wang Zixin materials company set up many subsidiaries, respectively, into the EPS cushion materials, semiconductor packaging, packaging materials and thin honeycomb paper material in new areas. Company also said it would continue to increase the whole biodegradable film projects, biodegradation gas bead cushion membrane and PLA biodegradable materials blister products r&d and promotion of biodegradable material, actively promote more cost advantage than carton packaging visual plastic packaging film. Ningbo JiFeng launched by the environmental protection technology research and development of new natural plant starch as the main raw material of foam cushion packing material. Jiangyin city, the company also focus on the degradation of packaging materials, developed a series of starch based degradable packaging materials and products.
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