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Bottle blowing machine principle and testing project

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-05-18
Working principle of bottle blowing machine and the bottle test bottle preform & rarr; Heating & rarr; Transfer plate into mould & rarr; Stretch blow and rarr; Bottle blowing & rarr; Exhaust & rarr; Finished bottle (1) bottle preform: provided by (2) the injection machine note after the billet heating: through the tubes to heat the bottle preform, 14 points heating zone. Each heating zone 9 light tube, ( Using tubes to set according to the height of bottle preform) 。 After previous seven belongs to penetrate the furnace heating area, 7 is the distribution of the furnace. (3) rotary table into the mold, mold temperature 65 ℃ or so commonly, die temperature on water temperature machine for water heated to 65 ℃ or so into the mold, the mold for heating. (4) stretching early blow: stretching and blowing two steps at the same time, drawing mainly by stretching rod stretching, pull the bottle preform to a certain extent. Beforehand by 8 - is blowing 13 bar low pressure blow the bottle preform. (5) bottle blowing: through 36 - 40 bar pressure blown into a bottle. 6 exhaust: within the die cut of the high pressure gas drainage. All landowners finished bottles: project weight of the three main detection, bottles, cooling capacity, pressure, and the bottle diameter ( The shoulder diameter, the diameter of the bottle, the heel circle diameter, bottom diameter) , height of the bottle, bottle size, thickness, On the shoulder, shoulder in thickness, the thickness of the wall thickness, heel thickness, thickness of the bottom near the center) Falling, performance and appearance. Appearance: flat end face mainly include the bottle, the completeness of the thread and flash, support ring in good condition, coking, sticky mold, scratch scratch, bubble, water mark, white fog, color, impurity contamination, forming intact without rigid material, sag, dig out, rupture, bottom core shift, and so on.
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