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[黄岩Bottle blowing machine] Precautions for the selection of production equipment for bottle blowing machine in Taizhou

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-07-06
Huangyan Taizhou is the hometown of molds in China. The first semi-automatic blow molding machine in China was born here in the early years. However, with the development of intelligent and high-speed blow molding machines, Taizhou semi-automatic blow molding machine equipment cannot keep up with the pace of development of the times. Most Huangyan blow molding machine manufacturers still focus on semi-automatic blow molding machines, facing changes in the market. A part of Taizhou bottle blowing machine manufacturers were forced to transform and develop fully automatic bottle blowing machines, but Huangyan bottle blowing machine manufacturers started off as semi-automatic bottle blowing machines after all. Whether in terms of structural design or bottle blowing technology, it is inevitable that they are semi-automatic bottle blowing machines. Gene, but for customers, choosing a stable automatic blow molding machine is more conducive to the development of the enterprise, so what should be paid attention to when choosing Huangyan blow molding machine Taizhou blow molding machine production equipment?   1. Strictly check quality issues and check the safety and technical performance of the product. This is the most important step in the purchase process.  2. Understand the after-sales service situation. For products with guaranteed quality, the after-sales service must be in place. When choosing, you can pay more attention to the after-sales service of the merchant.  3. When choosing a blow molding machine, you must carefully check the relevant technical documents, such as instructions for use, operating instructions, certificates, packing lists, software operating instructions, etc. to perform standardized operations in accordance with the instructions.   4. Understand equipment stability. The stability of the blow molding machine is the core element of the choice of the blow molding machine. Whether the blow molding machine is stable or not directly affects the waste rate of the blow molding machine. Generally, the domestic blow molding machine waste rate is more than three thousandths, and it is produced by a few blow molding machine manufacturers. Bottle blowing machine equipment can have a scrap rate of one in a thousand.   5. The output of the bottle blowing machine. At present, the output of domestic linear blow molding machine is 2400 bottles/hour, the output of four is 4500 bottles/hour, and the stable output of six blow molding machines is 9000 bottles/hour. If you choose to blow The actual output of the bottle machine is not up to the reference standard, and it is recommended to consider carefully. Summary: The above are the precautions for the selection of blow molding machine production equipment in Huangyan Taizhou. It is recommended that users go to the site for comparison. At the same time, the blow molding machine technology in Huangyan area is relatively busy. You can also consider the blow molding machine in Shangqiu, Henan, which is mainly fully automatic. Bottle machine. Regardless of the output, word of mouth, after-sales service, the degree of customer recognition is very high. Related blowing machine equipment recommendation:    one output two automatic bottle blowing machine stable output 2400 bottles/hour one output four bottle blowing machine stable output 4500 bottles/hour one output six high-speed servo automatic bottle blowing machine, stable output 9000 bottles per hour , Which one is better for the bottle blowing machine manufacturer with a scrap rate of one in a thousand? Selection considerations!
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