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Bottle blowing machine pay attention to after-sales service

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-16
At present, the domestic bottle blowing machine industry after reform and opening up 30 years of development, in the downstream of blow molding products under the strong market demand, obtained the very big development, the current domestic have formed a batch size of bottle blowing factory house. The factory production technical level has the international advanced technology. However, domestic bottle blowing machine in branding or has a certain distance, especially on the bottle blowing machine after-sales service. At the time of purchase the bottle blowing machine, some of us just engaged in blow molding production manufacturers, in particular, some small investment of enterprises and individuals, will pay more attention to the price of bottle blowing machine. After watching the performance parameters of the same, often can choose low price of bottle blowing factory cooperation. This time, we ignore these manufacturers a problem. Bottle blowing machines, and a lot of, in fact, we usually buy products is not the same, that is the after-sales service, bottle blowing machine and after-sales technical support is very important one annulus. We have some brand bottle blowing machines can do the door even provide follow-up technical support. For the first engaged in blow molding production, no good for bottle blowing machine operation experience of enterprise, solved a lot of trouble back at home. We buy the bottle blowing machine, therefore, must know the manufacturer level of after-sales service. Also, for a bottle factory, in order to get a great development, also must be able to constantly improve after-sales services
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